Ageing is fact of life and its leads physical & mental change of an elderly. At this age, an elderly needs care and attention by understanding this change. Elderly Care course is a course that teaches you the skills and knowledge necessary to provide effective care to any elderly or disabled. And the lessons are sometimes about nurturing, love and compassion. Taking care of the elderly may be one of the most demanding, challenging and rewarding career within the health care sector. The course will be of great interest to professionals working as caregivers and who wish to ensure that that their skills are kept to a high standard, or those whose interests are inclined towards such a noble career in elderly care or disabled. After completion of this course, the learner becomes a care taker of elderly in Govt. or pvt. Hospitals, old age homes, NGO’s, or become an entrepreneur.

Medium of Instruction

Hindi and English

Entry Level

10th Pass or 8th pass with 2 yr experience in relevant area

Course Duration

One Year

Essential Course Duration

400 Hours

Course Fee

Rs. 6000/-

Course Components
S.No Title of Component Essential Contact Hrs
Theory Practical
1 Basic life sciences
Aspects of aging
General care and specific needs of elderly
Yog for elderly
100 300
Scheme of Examination
S.No Name of the subject / Modules Time (in hrs.) Marks Total
Theory Practical Theory Practical Internal Assessment
1 Basic life sciences (445) 2 3 40 50 10 100
2 Aspects of aging (446) 2 3 40 50 10 100
3 General care and specific needs of elderly(447) 2 3 40 50 10 100
4 Yog for elderly (448) 2 3 40 50 10 100
Passing Criteria
S.No Name of the subject Certification criteria (percentage)
Theory Practical Internal Assessment Aggregate in each paper module
1 Care for elderly (CCE) (445-448) 40 60 60 --