Carpentry is one of the oldest craft and has been in vogue from times immemorial. A good carpenter can always find gainful employment even in villages with poor purchasing power of the people. This course is designed to train technicians in carpentry shop.

The main purpose is to provide the basic working knowledge of the production and properties of different materials in carpentry trade, the module of this course will apprise the learner of basics and applications of various tools, equipments, machinery and techniques used in manufacturing to facilitate shaping of raw materials in to useful products or components.

After going through this course the student will be able to- identify & select the right type of wood, acquire related trade knowledge& practical skills in engineering measurements, acquire experience in preventive and corrective maintenance of various cutting tools, machine tools & equipments.

The pass-outs of this program have ample scope for self employment in both urban & rural areas they can also get waged employment with furniture makers as there is sufficient market demand for skilled carpenters.

Medium of Instruction

Hindi or English

Entry Level

8th pass

Course Duration

1 year

Essential Course Duration

300 Hours

Course Fee

Rs. 5000/-

Course Components
S.No Title of Component Duration (in Hrs.)
Theory Practical
1 Carpentry 100 200
  Total Duration 300 Hours
Scheme of Examination
S.No Name of the subject / Modules Time (in hrs.) Marks Total
Theory Practical Theory Practical Internal Assessment
1 Carpentry 2 3 30 70 - 100
Passing Criteria
S.No Name of the subject Certification criteria (percentage)
Theory Practical Internal Assessment Aggregate in each paper module
1 Carpentry - - - 33