• To provide professional advice to the Government of India, and to the States, regarding proper development of Open and Distance Learning system at school level in response to requests from the concerned Government/s or suo moto.
  • To develop need based Academic and Vocational Education Programmes for livelihood and lifelong learning up to pre- degree level.
  • To attain excellence in developing quality Open and Distance Learning curricula and courseware for learners.
  • To accredit institutions for developing effective learner support system to facilitate learning learning up to pre-degree level.
  • To strengthen the Open and Distance Learning system through Research and Development activities.
  • To promote open schooling at national and global level by networking, capacity building, sharing of resources and quality assurance.

Functions & Duties

  • To take steps for developing strategy plans for promoting and up scaling the Open Schooling programme in India;
  • To provide technical and financial support to State Governments in India for setting up and up scaling of State Open Schools (SOSs);
  • To develop needed action plan for making education equitable and inclusive for the marginalized and disadvantaged groups like girl/women, minorities, differently- able (physically and mentally challenged) etc.;
  • To offer a wide spectrum of courses of study in general, vocational and continuing education and life enrichment courses up to pre-degree level;
  • To develop need based Curricula and Self Learning Materials for (I) Open Basic Education (OBE), (II) Secondary and Senior Secondary Education, and (III) Vocational Education and Training (VET) Programmes with focus on skill development;
  • To develop multi-media and multi-channel delivery modes for effective transaction of courseware to support courses and programmes;
  • To provide effective student support services for facilitating learners by establishing study centres in agencies, organizations and institutions in India abroad;
  • To conduct examinations and issue certificates to successful learners;
  • To partner with National Literacy Mission under the Equivalency Programme for providing education/certification to neo-literates;
  • To promote quality of learning in ODL through Monitoring, Supervision and Evaluation, maintaining equivalence of standards with the formal education system, while retaining its own distinct character;
  • To undertake research, innovation and development activities in the area of Open Schooling and disseminate the findings to all stakeholders;
  • To establish a data base on Open Schooling;
  • To act as Resource Organization and Capacity Building Centre in open schooling at national as well as international level;
  • To collaborate with national and international organizations for promotion of Open schooling;
  • To partner with Government schemes and programmes at school sector for achieving the national goals and objectives;
  • To provide professional/technical consultation in field of ODL to institutions/organizations/agencies in India and abroad.